English Springer Spaniel Information and Pictures

English Springer Spaniel Information

English springer spaniel is a medium size dog and is a member of gundog group. Traditionally, English springer spaniel is used for flushing and retrieving game. English springer spaniel is the first and foremost an upland flushing dog, they could do a number of skills such as Retrieve to Hand, Soft Mouth, Quarter, Scenting, and Flushing.

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

English Springer Spaniel History:

The English Springer Spaniel is a member of the British household of spaniels. These hunting dogs are utilised prior to the gun to “spring” or flush birds in to the air so that the hunter can shoot them. Cockers and springers were as soon as discovered within the same litter. The smaller ones were utilised for woodcock and became generally known as cockers. The larger ones became generally known as “springer” or “starter” spaniels and eventually became a separate breed. The versatility and hunting prowess in the English Springer makes it the spaniel of option for hunters within the United States. It was accepted in to the AKC in 1932.

English Springer Spaniel Body Type:

A single of the tallest spaniels, it can be distinguished from the Cocker Spaniels by its longer legs and heavier head
English Springer Spaniel Height: 19-20 inches (at shoulder)
English Springer Spaniel Weight: 49-53 pounds
The tail is set low and carried nearly horizontal. It truly is always moderately docked
The long, wide, hanging ears are never altered

English Springer Spaniel Personality:

Gentle and easygoing; the typical spaniel personality
Quite affectionate with everyone. Gets along properly with other dogs too
A top rated selection for a children’s pet
Playful and loves to engage in rough and tumble games

English Springer Spaniel Coat:

Flat, wavy and of medium length, it really is sufficiently dense to become waterproof
Marked feathering on ears and legs
Permissible colors are liver or black, with white markings; liver or black and white, with tan markings; blue or liver roan; white with tan, black or liver markings. One of the most commonly seen are the black and white and liver and white varieties
Requires moderate grooming to prevent matting with occasional qualified trimming

English Springer Spaniel Health Concerns:

Topic to hip dysplasia
Allergic skin disease
Possible rage syndrome

AKC Group: Sporting

English Springer Spaniel Breed Club: English Springer Spaniel Club of America, Inc.

English Springer Spaniel Rescue Club: English Springer Rescue America, Inc.

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